Social Community and Activities Teaching Vietnamese Lessons for Deaf Children in Sign Language

Authors: Hien Do Thi (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam)
Speakers: Hien Do Thi
Strand: Language, Community, Ethnicity
Session Type: General Session


Children with language disabilities can be caused by many different reasons. But it can be said that, among the disabilities that lead to language disabilities, children with hearing disabilities suffer the most. However, like all members of the deaf community, they use sign language to communicate. Therefore, at present, centers and schools for deaf children appear from using sign language to teach the Vietnamese language to them. In this post, we learn about deaf children about sign language, especially teaching Vietnamese through sign language.. From there, give some suggestions to improve the effectiveness of teaching Vietnamese for deaf children when they first arrive at Primary school in difficult conditions. To have convincing arguments, the article uses modern, scientific methods, suitable for the research object. Specifically, the descriptive method. This method is intended to describe and analyze in detail and in detail the problems that make it difficult for deaf children to teach the Vietnamese language. Field survey method to observe and interview subjects. Collecting truthful information about teachers and students’ Vietnamese teaching and learning activities. Find out how difficulties from family, school, and society affect the language level of deaf children. In addition, we also use comparative, statistical, and categorical observations, contributing to objective scientific research results.

Keywords: Deaf children, Social community activities teaching