The Issues of Aesthetic Education for Vietnamese Women in Phong Hoa Newspaper and Ngay Nay Magazine (1930 -1945)

Author: Hanh Thi Vu (Thai Nguyen University of Sciences, Vietnam)
Speaker: Hanh Thi Vu
Strand: Language, Gender, Sexuality
Session Type: General Session


In the period of 1930 – 1945, Phong Hoa Newspaper and Ngay Nay Magazine were associated with the activities of The Self-Reliant Literary Group (Tu Luc Van Doan). Since Tu Luc Van Doan bought Phong Hoa Newspaper (1934), and launched Ngay Nay Magazine (1935), the issue of aesthetic education for Vietnamese women has really been noticed. Compared with the medieval period, the aesthetic perception of Vietnamese women in this period recorded an important shift. It shows that the awakening of the individual is associated with the spirit of revising the traditional ethical standards and establishing new aesthetic categories for Vietnamese women in modern society.

Keywords: Aesthetic Education, Phong hoa, Ngay nay, Vietnamese women.