The Construction of Beauty Image in The Cosmetic Social Media Advertising: Indonesian Case

Authors: Nia Kurniasih, Iis Kurnia Nurhayati (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Telkom University, Indonesia)
Speakers: Nia Kurniasih, Iis Kurnia Nurhayati
Strand: Language in Real and Virtual Spaces
Session Type: General Session


This research was conducted to elaborate the cultural values of beauty embodied in the Indonesian cosmetics advertisements posted in social media through linguistic approach. The topic of the study is deemed interesting as it explains how language, i.e. the metadiscourse markers and metafunction in multisemiotic texts such as beauty advertisements, creates integrated meanings through verbal/linguistic and visual markers and the relationships between each other. Equally important is the finding of the types of beauty constructions formed in the Indonesian cosmetic social media advertisements through their metadiscourse markers and metafunction visuals. This research contributes to the creative strategies of the advertising makers in Indonesia related to the use of verbal and nonverbal markers, particularly, on how the interactions between cultures in the new borderless society have led to many cross-national and cross-cultural similarities and differences. Furthermore, understanding the beauty types presented in most Indonesian cosmetic advertisements posted on social media is expected to be an attraction for potential consumers, both locally and globally

Keywords: Beauty, Cosmetic advertisement, Social media, Metadiscourse, Metafunction