Verbal-Visual Communications in the Virtual and Real Advertising in the New Society: A Case of Indonesian Smes

Authors: Nia Kurniasih, Harry Nuriman, Ridwan Fauzi (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
Speakers: Nia Kurniasih, Harry Nuriman
Strand: Language in Real and Virtual Spaces
Session Type: General Session


Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) actors have seen the benefit of using online advertising for increasing their business performances. Verbal and visual communications skills that are contextual with the needs of the new society that is becoming more dependent on the use of the Internet to connect to each other within and across their nations have become one of the keys to widening their market worldwide. Social media and information and communication technology (ICT) have become highly influential information sources for potential buyers hence creating great interest to small and medium enterprises. This ongoing study aims to identify and map Indonesian SMES’ existing verbal and visual communication patterns through the use of ICT, both their communication channels and the kind of verbal and visual language they use for the contents they share. The findings will contribute to an understanding of the strategies used for communicating contents (both visual and verbal) and the channels used (both offline and online). The article illustrates how these findings will be translated into proactive marketing actions aimed at improving SMES actors’ capability in verbal and visual communications skills for advertising their product hence increases in their sales.

Keywords: Verbal, Visual, Communication, Advertising, Smes