Bidangan: A Semiological Analysis of the Genealogical Representation of Mëranaw Families in Mëranaw Streamers and Tarpaulins

Authors: Daryl Mendoza, Jonesnover Nebria, Clarisse Gayta (Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology, The Philippines)
Speakers: Daryl Mendoza
Strand: Semiotics and Semiology
Session Type: General Session


This study scrutinized the Genealogical Representation of Mëranaw Families in the traditional practice of Mëranaws locally called “Bidangan” which is the practice of acknowledging the achievements of family members through displaying Tarpaulins and Streamers (Racman, 2014). Using Halliday’s Social Semiotics Theory, this study determines the implications of “Bidangan” in terms of the Genealogical Representation through various perspectives of relevant social fields. This study adapted the Qualitative approach where all implications and associated concepts extracted from the background of the topic and the analysis were precisely delineated, the researchers interviewed Professors and Scholars from the College of Arts and Social Sciences of MSU-IIT particularly in the Departments of Sociology, History and English. The findings of this study revealed that it is a shame/dishonor to Mëranaws if one of the surnames was forgotten to place on the tarpaulins and streamers but for others, it can be understood if it’s unintentional. However, if it is the mistake of the printing press, then the wrath is transferred to that printing press and that establishment will be automatically banned. It is also found that the main impact of Bidangan to Mëranaws is the expression of pride upon the achievements of their family members that associates the mental concept of “Maratabat” that are common to Mëranaws and Bidangan is associated with the notion of “Maratabat” because it is one of its manifestation and outcome. Through the practice of “Bidangan” which is an act of displaying tarpaulins and streamers, the essence of Maratabat is manifested.

Keywords: Bidangan, Maratabat, Tarpaulins, Streamers, Mëranaw, Genealogical Representation.