Collocational Framework and Register Features of Logistics News Reporting

Authors: Hu Yuying, Noor Mala Biniti Ibrahim (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)
Speakers: Hu Yuying
Strand: Language in Real and Virtual Spaces
Session Type: General Session


This study explores register features revealed by collocating behaviors of the framework the … of and its semantic features in a corpus of logistics news reporting. Following corpus-based methodology and a framework of register analysis postulated by Biber & Conrad (2009), salient collocates with their contextual environments of being in the middle of the framework, preceding the framework and following the framework, have been analyzed from the perspective of semantic features. The findings reveal that discipline-specific words dominate the framework’s collocates, and their semantic properties show a correlation with discipline orientation. This is because news reporting focuses on reports about logistical professional operations. To put it another way, linguistic elements in news reporting are inextricably linked to discourse contexts and communication, namely, the register features.

The findings may be useful for ESP teaching practice, specifically logistics English education in China, in terms of vocabulary, writing practice, and optimizing syllabus designs, among other things. Additionally, the findings may be useful to lexicographers, logistics researchers, and experts. The comprehensive method of register studies could be applied to other specialized corpora studies such as law, science engineering, agriculture, and so on. Finally, the experiences of compiling the corpus and creating the corpus’s designs could be useful for similar specialized corpora builds.

Keywords: Collocational framework, Register features, A corpus of logistics news reporting.