Stone Symbols and Variables in Pros of Employees in the North Mountains of Vietnam

Authors: Cao Thi Thu Hoai, Vu Thi Thuy Dung, Tran Thi Nhung (Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam)
Speakers: Cao Thi Thu Hoai
Strand: Anthropological Linguistics
Session Type: General Session


The stone symbol plays the role of an extremely sacred spiritual symbol, a solid root in the human heart, the root of life, in the children of stone, in any direction, towards the fullness of life. faithful, sincere. Considering and deciphering the expressive aspects of the stone symbol and its variations (mountain, cave, hill…) is the basis to grasp the key to explore the depth of ethnic culture. Understanding the cliffs and mountains is understanding the character, fate, and soul of the ethnic people. Thus, rocks and its variations are not only things of nature associated with the living environment, but also represent the spiritual life and soul of the highland people. Therefore, it can be affirmed that the prose of ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region has created for itself a unique, strange and unique development path that still retains the national soul intact. explore hidden values ​​from the natural world through the stone symbolism system and simple and familiar variations.

Keywords: symbol, stone, nature, mountainous, ethnic, culture, forest