Affective Stance in Unexpected Situations: Cases from Food Reviews in Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian

Authors: Rika Mutiara (Esa Unggul University, Indonesia)
Speakers: Rika Mutiara
Strand: Conversation Analysis
Session Type: General Session


The present study aims at analyzing speakers’ affective in YouTube food reviews in colloquial Jakartan Indonesian when the speakers face unexpected situations.  In addition, it discusses (a) discourse strategy(ies) that the speakers apply when they deal with unexpected situations. It focuses on linguistic elements whether lexical and non-lexical ones. The data were gathered from YouTube food reviews. There are twelve extracts. The present study is a CA-informed discourse analysis in which the sequences in interactions are the basis of analysis. Some exclamative words were found. Some of them are lexical items to express surprise such as buset, ih, astaga, loh, and aduh. Some nonlexical items with prolonged sounds such as we::: ; u:::, wah::. Speakers’ hesitation was also identified. It is common that the speakers still disbelieve what happen. Therefore, they ask confirmation questions. Some questions use question mark kok (how come) that indicate speakers’ disbeliefs. The hearers give confirmation to the questions. The speakers also mention what their expectations to emphasize the mismatched condition using modalities such as harusnya (should) and aku pikir (I think).

Keywords: affective, Indonesian