Education and informatization

Authors: Milyakova Viktoria (Moscow Region State University, Russia)
Speakers: Milyakova Viktoria
Strand: Language Contact and Change
Session Type: General Session


In rapid development and changes in the socio-economic situation in the world, the demands made by society to the individual are changing. A modern school graduate requires a high degree of independence, conditional formation of such main competencies as interpersonal, social, informational and a number of others, as well as developed productive thinking. А specialist is required to constantly improve the information and computer culture and his professional knowledge and skills. Now there are completely new types of educational activities-working with Internet resources, multimedia programs, implementation of web projects, computer testing, training and specially-oriented communication tasks. That is why the integration of social networks and Web 2.0 services in foreign language teaching today is not a fad, but an urgent need for teachers who seek to optimize the learning process and make it easier for them to learn.

Keywords: Education, Informatization, Blog, Blogosphere