Animism in Lord Shiva Songs in Kandhapurana’s Ksdavul Vaaltthu and in his Presence Worship

Authors: Dhilip Kumar Agilan (Independent Scholar)
Speakers: Dhilip Kumar Agilan, Kingston Pal Thamburaj
Strand: Discourse Analysis
Session Type: General Session


Lord Shiva is associated with animism. Thus, this paper investigated the elements of animism which is associated with Lord Shiva from Kacciyappar’s “Kandhapurana Kadavul Vaazthu”. Animism theory which contains 4 primary elements were applied in this study. This paper used the content analysis method and this is qualitative research. Observation method also were used to collect data from present worship of Lord Shiva. 5 houses of Shaivites were observed and data collected to explain implications of animism in present worship of Lord Shiva. Four types of implications were founded by this study. The researcher also included information from various sources to increase the authenticity of this research.

Keywords: Lord Shiva, Kandhapurana, Kadavul Vaazhtu, Kacciyappar, Worship, Animism, Implications