Why a central institution?

Several institutions have convened with plans to collaborate for the GLOCAL, and have expressed concern that the GLOCAL should be kept locally, but networked with all other bodies in Linguistic Anthropology. However, the GLOCAL plans to work with several other Institutions globally, and is currently negotiating with those bodies.

Can the GLOCAL interrupt the aims of other well-established organizations in Anthropology or Linguistic Anthropology?

The GLOCAL has no intention to do this, but to organize and develop the GLOCAL to support all Asia, and global, Linguistic Anthropologists, and organizations in Linguistic Anthropology. Our role as an annual conference is to solidify and advance efforts by the current prominent and indeed crucial organizations focusing on Linguistic Anthropology, and related fields.

Where will the Conference be hosted?

The conference location will change every year, and will thus be hosted by a new Institution for each respective year.

Will special issues emerge from the conferences?

The GLOCAL will publish strong work presented at the conferences, and is currently discussing with several key publications to affect this. Consequently, the GLOCAL aims to support and facilitate a rise in academic quality so to increasingly opportune academics and researchers to develop, and hence to become more competent to contribute their work to publications.

Who do we communicate with for queries, for the Conference?

All queries can be directed to the Head of Communications.

Can anyone host a future conference?

Yes, the GLOCAL accepts proposals from institutions wishing to host a future conference. Please contact GLOCAL at glocal@soas.ac.uk with an introductory proposal, and the GLOCAL secretariat will mediate the proposal.

Can I use languages other than English for my abstract?

Yes, but submitters require an English translation for abstracts and presentations.

How do I register/pay online?

Access this link https://cala2021.upd.edu.ph/reg/ for information regarding conference registration.

How do I submit an abstract?

Access this link https://cala2021.upd.edu.ph/submit/ for information regarding submission.

When do I need to submit the full paper?

We only require the full paper after the conference. All publication paper proposals must be submitted by the deadline on the submission link and on the Call page.

Can I pay at a rate lower than the current rate?

There are several rates which all aim to assist in reducing the cost of registration. These are all available at the URL: https://cala2021.upd.edu.ph/reg

Can I change co-author information?

Yes. To change the information of your co-author, please log into your account and click the edit button.

Where do I find my receipt?

When you pay, the system will automatically send an E-receipt to the email associated with your account. Should you need to submit to your institution a special receipt with a signature from the conference organizers, please email to cala2021.upd@up.edu.ph and cc glocal@soas.ac.uk.

How do I obtain funding?

To apply for funding, please refer to this link for information: https://cala2021.upd.edu.ph/funding/ Please note that predicated on the quality of the abstract, and the qualifications of the applicant, the committee reserves the right to select funding recipients, and the amount which recipients will receive.

When will announcements be given regarding funding grants?

1-2 months prior to the conference dates.

How much can I receive for the funding grant?

The maximum money given to successful applicants is the conference fee + an airfare + accommodation. However, again, this is predicated on the appropriateness of the applicant’s situation to the conference funding allowance guidelines, deciding on by the conference committee.

I do not have a PayPal account. Are there alternative payment methods?

There will be other options to pay, such as with a credit card on the PayPal website, after you click “Proceed to finalize the registration.” Contact us should you experience trouble locating these links and information.

Can I cancel and obtain a refund after I register?

Yes, but please check Article 1 of the Terms and Conditions of the Conference prior to making a payment, as below:
All registrations to the SOAS GLOCAL CALA 2023 are refundable through to several months prior to the conference. However, a $20 processing fee will apply. Thereafter, registrants cannot receive a refund. Here, an alternate participant from the same organization may be substituted through to a few weeks prior to the conference.

I want to know more about the SCOPUS publication.

All proceedings and special issues will be SCOPUS, ISI, AHCI, or SSCI indexed.

What is the different between a general session and a colloquium?

A general session will require a 30-minute presentation inclusive of Q&A time. Normally, one general session will have one speaker. A colloquium will comprise several speakers within a 1.5-hour presentation, which also includes discussion time. Normally, a colloquium will have two or three speakers with two or three abstracts related to the colloquium title.

Can I have 2-3 presenters in one general session?

Yes, but we recommend that these multi speaker presentations are transferred to colloquia.

I have not received my notification of acceptance. What should I do?

The notification of acceptance will be sent to the participant no later than several weeks after the deadline for acceptance of abstracts.

Can I obtain an invitation letter?

Yes. Please email the details you wish to include in the letter and we will organize the letter. Please note that the invitation letter will take a maximum of 3 weeks to issue.

Can the conference provide a visa?

No. The conference does not have the legal authority to issue a visa for participants. We only provide a letter to confirm that you will attend the conference.

Where is the conference venue?

The Conference will be held at the university, the University of Philippines Diliman, Philippines.

What are the excursion activities?

We will update you about this with more information at the earliest possible time.

Where can I find the full program of the conference?

Currently, we only have an initial schedule for the conference. The full program will be released 2 months prior to the conference date.

Will my paper be published in Taylor and Francis proceedings?

All papers will be published in The Conference proceedings, which are SCOPUS and ISI (web of Science) indexed.

How far is it from the airport to the conference venue?

Travel time from the airport to the conference venue is approximately 40 minutes by car.

Do you offer a free bus to take me to the conference venue from my hotel?

At present this is not available. However, please check for updates on this.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes one morning tea break, one lunch, and one afternoon tea break for each of 3 days, between May 16 and May 18, 2023, and one GALA dinner on May 17, 2023.

My partner wishes to join me at the conference. Can I pay only for their food at the conference?

All additional participants must register as we need to pre organize all food and other amenities.

Can I pay for and only attend one-day?

All conference registrations are for three days. However, please contact us regarding this.

Can I re-schedule my presentation to a different time and date?

Yes, but please contact us at the earliest time.

Do you offer a discount rate for the hotels near the conference?

Yes. Please check the list of hotels on our website that have discount rates.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

Please check with your nearest Philippines Embassy or Philippines Consulate. Alternatively, please check these websites: https://www.dfa.gov.ph/list-of-countries-for-21-day-visa and https://immigration.gov.ph/

My abstract is accepted. What should I do next?

After receiving an acceptance of abstract notice, please proceed to registration, after which we will communicate with you with all updates.

Can my kids come to the conference?

Yes. We will organize child minding which is fully secure and enjoyable for children.

Can I submit as a panel?

Yes. Please be sure to indicate this in the submission system.

I attempted to register but it is pending and does not allow me to pay.

Should you encounter this problem, please attempt to register with another browser. If you are still encountering problems, contact us.

Can I register with a student/affiliate rate?

Yes, this is possible if you are a student. For an affiliate’s discount, your institution must be one of our affiliate partners. Please see the URL: https://glocal.soas.ac.uk/affiliates/

Can I pay onsite?

No, presenters must pay prior to several months before the conference, as noted in the timeline. Non presenters can pay onsite.

I will pay online but can my co-presenter pay onsite?

Yes, as long as one of the presenters has already paid to reserve their time in the schedule.